Sussex Wine Tours

“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” exclaimed Dom Perignon, the very moment he discovered champagne.

Have you already tasted our local stars? There’s no need to head very far at all for our favourite bubbly beverage! For the past decade, England has been a fierce contender in the world of wine production, and its traditional sparkling method is tantalising more and more palates and becoming increasingly celebrated around the globe.

Itching to discover magnificent vineyards and sip some of the most sought after sparkling wines? Sussex is one of our go-to spots. Not only a peaceful haven of rolling green hills, castle ruins, and beautiful beaches, the region is also home to many of the leading wine estates in England, with over fifty vineyards and numerous awards.

Nothing quite beats meeting the winemakers themselves at the estate, where you’ll discover the processes behind growing and blending award-winning wines, embark on a scenic frolic in the vineyards, and, of course, taste the winery’s prestigious cuvées and blancs de blanc to get a sense for yourself of exactly how the exquisite end product holds up amid its French peers.

And next time you open a bottle of our very local English sparkling, don’t forget to raise a glass to Christopher Merret who, back in 1662, invented the méthode champenoise as we know it and put a sparkle in our flutes (and lives)!

If you would like to meet the wine makers and escape on an English wine tour to Sussex, contact the travel team and we can blend the perfect weekend getaway!

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